It’s Still Summer!

weekly CSA produce share
The produce selection each week show that the summer season hasn’t left us yet.

Look at all those summer vegetables! Not too surprising, since it’s still close to 100°F on most days. It’s still summer here in Southern Arizona, and probably will be for about another month. Well, if that means fresh corn, we can handle it.

This week’s share consisted of:

  • Eggplant (6 small)
  • Bell peppers (4)
  • Roasted Chiles (1 bag)
  • Verdolagas (Purslane) (1 bunch)
  • Corn (4 ears)
  • Melon (1)
  • Lemon Cucumbers (2)
  • Glendale Gold Little Sweetie onions (1 basket) traded for more verdolagas

And, we picked up a few more Cubanelle peppers from the surplus basket.

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