What Beautiful Tomatoes!

indigo rose tomatoes
Indigo Rose tomatoes are beautiful, aren’t they?

Oh my! Aren’t these tomatoes beautiful? We were just amazed when we picked up this week’s produce and came to the flat filled with these little beauties. Apparently a fairly new variety of tomato, the Indigo Rose tomato is small, between 1-2 inches, slightly tart, and, as you can see, looks unlike the tomatoes you find in the store.

We knew immediately we had to do something special with these tomatoes, something that shows off their color and flavor, so we used a few for one of our favorite salads: Insalata Caprese. It’s one of the best summer salads; basically just tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, with perhaps a touch of oil and balsamic vinegar. What could be better for highlighting these little jewels? If you’ve never made Insalata Caprase, check back on Saturday when we’ll show you how we make it.

weekly CSA produce share
We also received the first corn of the season. We’re thinking creamed corn will make a perfect lunch.

So, our weekly share consisted of:

  • Indigo Rose tomatoes (1 basket)
  • Mixed tomatoes (1 basket)
  • Baby Red Cimarron onions (1 basket)
  • Melon (1)
  • Corn (3 ears)
  • Sweet potatoes (6)
  • Eggplant (3)
  • Summer squash (4)

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