Hail a Taxi!

weekly CSA produce share
Those yellow tomatoes are named “Taxi.” Hmm, why’s that?

A Taxi tomato, that is. See those bright yellow tomatoes in the upper right (well, some are still ripening)? They’re an heirloom variety known as taxi, obviously named for the color that matches the yellow of many taxicab fleets. We’re looking forward to something made with those tomatoes.

This week’s share consisted of:

  • Carrots (1 bunch)
  • Green tomatoes (3)
  • Taxi tomatoes (1 basket)
  • Red onions (1 basket)
  • Sweet potatoes (6)
  • Summer squash (aka zucchini) (2)
  • Squash blossoms (1 bag)
  • Nopalito (1 pad)

And from those items, we’ll be scratchin’ up our meals.

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