Tomato Season has Arrived!

This is it! The first tomatoes of the season. Of course, they aren’t quite ripe, as we always get a few green/partly ripe tomatoes when they first start to come in. But, after a few weeks, the floodgates will open and we’ll be getting and eating tomatoes until they’re coming out of our ears!

weekly CSA produce share
You can see the tomatoes in the lower right. As far as we’re concerned, freshly-picked tomatoes are the best!

So, are you wondering what that thing is on the left side of the photo? Here’s a close-up:

artichoke bloom
An artichoke after it has bloomed.

Well, it’s an artichoke. Did you know that they were the flower of the plant? Yep.

Enough botany, this week we picked up:

  • Tomatoes (3)
  • Red Lasota potatoes (6)
  • Parsley root (1 bunch)
  • Carrots (1 bunch)
  • Grapefruit (3)
  • Red onions (5)
  • Zucchini (3)
  • Squash blossoms (1 bag)
  • Artichoke bloom (just an extra, because they look so cool)

We’ve been getting onions nearly every week, so we now have a pretty big bunch. Fortunately they keep well, but we also have ideas….

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