Goat Cheese Season

weekly CSA produce share
While the goat cheese isn’t shown, we were still excited to get our first share of the season.

Getting goat cheese from Black Mesa Ranch (through the CSA) is a sure sign that spring has officially arrived. Since it’s so easy just to run to the store and pick up cheese anytime you want, it may not be evident that dairy products really arrive on a natural yearly cycle, corresponding to the births of baby animals to start milk production. Once you hear or read that, you say, “of course,” but, less evident is that the milk (and, hence, the cheese) changes throughout the season, partly based on what the animal eats, but also based on what the young animal needs, nutrition-wise. And, though sometimes subtle, the taste and texture of our goat cheese does change throughout the year.

Besides the fresh goat cheese, we picked up:

  • Carrots (1 bunch), plus a few more from the surplus basket
  • Beets (1 bunch)
  • Valencia oranges (5), plus three from the surplus basket
  • Sweet potatoes (4)
  • Quelites (1 bunch), traded for another bunch of beets
  • Glendale Gold Little Sweetie onions (1 basket)
  • Salanova lettuce (2 heads)
  • Kale (1 bunch)

The Glendale Gold onions are a real treat for us, and, as far as we know, are only available through Crooked Sky Farms (Farmer Frank bought the rights to the seeds and name of this heirloom variety of onion when a large seed company discontinued it). The Glendale Gold is a small, very sweet, onion that has acclimatized to the Phoenix area and is one of our favorites.

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