Carrots That Aren’t Orange?

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We’ll have the vision of owls with all the carrots we’re eating.

If you get your carrots exclusively from the supermarket, you might not realize that carrots come in all sorts of colors: red, purple, yellow, and white, in addition to the standard orange. While they all taste like carrots, they do taste a little different from each other, too, or sometimes they have a different texture. It makes sense, because they’re different varieties of carrots, and it’s a shame that we don’t have several varieties available in the supermarket so we could pick and choose our favorites — we’re particularly fond of the variety “mokum,” as it’s a super crisp, very sweet carrot. Alas, the taste and texture of vegetables have nothing to do with selecting them for commercial growing and sale. It’s all about yield, uniformity, ship-ability, and storage. Commercial growers don’t mind producing vegetables and fruits with the taste and texture of cardboard (which explains red delicious apples and hot-house tomatoes), as long as they can ship and sell them. You can fix this. Just think of every dollar you spend as a vote for where you spend it and what you buy.

So enough of that. This week we picked up:

  • Carrots (double share, i.e., two bunches)
  • Flat-leaved parsley and roots (1 bunch)
  • I’itoi onions (1 bunch)
  • Red Lasota potatoes (1 basket)
  • Glendale gold onions (1 basket)
  • Tomatillos (traded for more potatoes)
  • Valencia oranges (6)

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