Rice Pilaf

rice pilaf
rice pilaf
Sweet and nutty!

When you made up that quiche yesterday, what did you do with the rice you used for blind-baking the crust? Did you toss it? We hope not, because we’re going to use that cup of rice to scratch up a quick and easy rice pilaf. In fact, this is one of our favorite pilafs, and we’re always surprised by just how tasty rice is with the addition of raisins.

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Spinach, Almond, and Mushroom Quiche

A tasty dinner!

This past week, we checked out (from the public library) Pies and Tarts, by Kristina Petersen Migoya, and it inspired us to make either a savory tart or a quiche for dinner. It has some wonderful-sounding dishes, along with photographs that will make you want to whip up some of these recipes right away. Now, we can’t figure out the difference between a tart and a quiche, as often the custard part is made in exactly the same way. If you know, you can let us know; then we’ll both know.

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Brown Rivel Soup

brown rivel soup
Rivels? What’s that?

When we saw this recipe, we knew we had to try it, as it sounded so simple, and, to us at least, quite a bit different from most soups. So, unless you eat a lot of Pennsylvania Dutch food, you’re probably asking, “What are rivels? And is that misspelled?” The answer to the second question is no, “rivel” is the correct spelling, and, for the answer to the first, well, probably the best way to find out is just to  scratch up this soup.

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All Kale Caesar!

Kale Caesar salad
Kale Caesar salad
A light lunch!

Kale. It may be one of the healthiest greens around, but we find it difficult to work into our meal plans. It has a strong flavor and it’s tough. Since it’s tough to chew, we often cook it in some fashion, but that seems to bring out more of the cabbage-y taste. Since we get kale from the CSA regularly, we’re always on the lookout for new kale recipes.

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Wild Mushroom Lasagna

wild mushroom lasagna
wild mushroom lasagna
Yum! Lasagna for Easter dinner!

Even though it’s often just the two of us, we use holidays as special times for us to put together great dinners. This Easter was no exception. You already saw the Strawberry Balsamic Pie and the Champagne Grapefruit Sorbet; today, we’re covering our main course (we also had home-scratched bread, but, for us, that’s just part of our normal weekly routine). Continue reading “Wild Mushroom Lasagna”

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Looks Like the Easter Bunny was Here

weekly CSA produce
Look at that pile of carrots! A double share!

Yes, it does look as if the Easter bunny stopped by the CSA to unload carrots, but, in reality, it’s just part of the changing seasons. Last week, as you probably remember, we received beets, which are a cool weather crop. We were surprised that we had beets in our share so late in the season, and, when we cooked them, we found out that they were the last of the season. How could we tell? They had just begun to bolt, or set seed. When that happens, the stems and the beets start to toughen up and send up a central stalk that will hold the flowers and seed pods. All these changes made the beets less tasty, and some of them could only be used to make soup broth.

So, what does all that have to do with the carrots? Well, the bolting is caused by the heat, meaning that most of the cool weather crops are past their prime, but the hot weather crops still haven’t come in. So, during this transition, we sometimes get double shares of vegetables that are still doing well. Hence, double carrots.

So, this week, we picked up:

  • Carrots (double share)
  • I’itoi onions (1 bunch)
  • Kale (1 bunch)
  • Valencia oranges (5)
  • Sweet potatoes (4)
  • Fennel (1 bunch)
  • Tomatillos (traded for more I’itoi onions)

Let’s see what happens to all that.

Grapefruit and Champagne Sorbet

Cool! And refreshing.

We’ve remarked in the past that the Ruby Red grapefruits we’ve been getting this year are fantastic. They’re probably some of the sweetest, tastiest grapefruit we’ve ever had, but, unfortunately, the season is nearly over. With that in mind, we picked up an extra bag of Ruby Reds at the local fruit stand, with the intention of making one last great grapefruit dish. As you can see by the title, we went with a sorbet.

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