Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar
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Now, we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t actually make brown sugar from scratch every time we need some. But, this past weekend we were whipping up a batch of Best Ever Granola and found that we were out of brown sugar! What to do? Run to the store? Nah. Let’s just make some. After all, if you look at the ingredients list for some brown sugars, you’ll find sugar and molasses. We have molasses and sugar, so let’s scratch it out.

Not all brown sugars on the market shelf are made this way, and we’re sure that some of them will have subtle flavors that this quick version might be missing. But, in a pinch, it’s a handy trick to have up your sleeve.

Brown Sugar

Yield: 1 cup


  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp molasses (double for dark brown sugar)

Abbreviated Instructions

In a small bowl, use a fork to toss sugar with molasses until uniform in color.

Ingredient discussion:

None, really, other than to say that, if you thought that brown sugar is more healthy than white sugar, this should have you convinced that there isn’t any appreciable difference between the two.

Procedure in detail:

Since we needed only 1/4 cup of brown sugar for our granola, we just made that amount. We also made it in the same bowl that we used for mixing the granola. You really don’t need a 4-quart bowl for making brown sugar. Naturally, only pictures this time.

sugar and molasses
Brown sugar is nothing but sugar and molasses. Sometimes the molasses is left in, other times it’s taken out.
brown sugar
Done! a small amount of brown sugar in under 5 minutes. Faster than a trip to the store!

While this is easy enough to make up, and it tastes like brown sugar, we’ll resort to making our own only when we run out of brown sugar. Sure, we could make up a larger batch and then it wouldn’t be too much trouble. Hmm. Maybe we’ll consider it. Until then, keep this technique in mind for baking emergencies.

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