We’ve got the Beets

weekly CSA produce share
Ah, another week of fresh lovely produce. So, what all’s in there?

Yeah, we got the beets! Since we’d just visited the farm earlier this month, we knew that these were coming: beets. We always hear that people don’t like beets, and, in fact, Susan didn’t really care for beets until she had fresh beets made into Beets and Walnuts in an Orange-Balsamic sauce. If you’ve only ever had those rubbery red cubes from a can, we certainly understand your aversion to this nutritional powerhouse. But, we think that if you try fresh beets, you’ll find that they’re a whole ‘nother vegetable.

This week’s share consisted of:

  • Beets (1 bunch)
  • Gold onions (2) traded for more beets
  • Mizuna (1 bunch), which is a Asian mustard green
  • Navel oranges (4)
  • Red LaSoda potatoes (5)
  • Spinach (1 bag)
  • Lettuce (2 heads)
  • Fresh rosemary (1 bag)

We’ll give you an update on how we used all this produce.

Update 26 February. We had the beet greens and mizuna as slow-cooked greens, although we also used some of the mizuna along with a potato in a frittata. We microwaved the other four potatoes for a quick and easy lunch. Our lunches always include a fruit, so you can guess when we had the oranges. Lettuce, both heads, were turned into salads, such as the one with the Rosemary-Lime Dressing, and the spinach made a tasty dinner by using it in some Ricotta and Spinach Dumplings; we’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

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