Is the Farm Crew Celebrating?

bottle of champagne
If you’re going to celebrate, do so responsibly, and you’ll start the New Year right!

We don’t know, but we hope so, as this is their second week (well deserved) of time off. While we’re glad they get the time off, we’re also looking forward to next week, when the CSA share pickups resume.

As this is New Year’s Eve, we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Leek and Cheese Pie

leek and cheese pie
leek and cheese pie
If it looks dark, that’s because we ate dinner by candlelight. Not on purpose, but by necessity.

We went with a leek and cheese pie for our main for Christmas dinner, and, in many respects, we’re glad we did, because right during the middle of preparing dinner, our electricity went out. Having one of those all-electric houses, that could have spelled disaster. But, luckily for us, the pie had already been in the oven for about 30 minutes (of the 60 needed) and the residual heat baked it enough. Of course, our side dish was another story.

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Worth the trouble?

Shaping Cappelletti

cappelletti en brodo
cappelletti en brodo
Did a bunch of tiny witches drown in our soup?

Right before Christmas, we were perusing books in one of those chain bookstores (when we buy books, we get them from our local independent bookseller) and happened to look through the book flour + water : pasta, by Thomas McNaughton, and spied some pastas that looked like little witches’ hats: cappelletti. They looked pretty easy, so we thought that we’d try to make some.

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Worth the trouble?

Maple-Kahlua Tiramisu Again

maple-kahlua tiramisu
Light and tasty!

For Christmas day, we made up a Maple-Kahlua Tiramsu for our dessert. It’s really tasty, and, of course, even the ladyfingers are scratched up right here in our kitchen. We think it looks delicious.

We will note that we followed the corrected recipe, and this is a five-starrer!

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Basil, Brie, and Blueberry Mac ‘n’ Cheese

blueberry brie and basil mac n cheese
blueberry brie and basil mac n cheese
Blueberries in mac ‘n’ cheese? Why not?

We bet you wouldn’t think of blueberries in Mac ‘n’ Cheese, would you? Well, we did. And, not only did we think of it, we made it! After all, we figured it was only one meal, so why not? It might be great. Even if it’s something we don’t care for, we might get an idea for another meal, or perhaps a way we could change it up to make it better next time, or we might learn something that we’ll be able to use in the future. All those possibilities from one little dish. Who wouldn’t want to scratch it up?

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Worth the trouble?

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas tree
Our Christmas tree is filled with decorations!

Enjoy! And, we wish you the best of the season, regardless of what you may celebrate (or not)!

The Farm Crew is Resting

Ah, no CSA pickup this week or the next. The farm crew takes a break for the holidays, and who can blame them?