Pumpkin for Pie

weekly CSA produce share
A pumpkin for pie? Possibly; let’s wait and see.

Fall is here! The presence of a pie pumpkin is a definitive indication. Don’t worry, we’ll probably be getting Jack o’ Lantern pumpkins in next week’s share. Of course, we don’t carve our pumpkins, we eat them! Just wait and see.

Other produce items this week:

  • Eggplant (3)
  • Red LaSoda Potatoes (4, plus 4 more from the surplus basket)
  • Bell peppers (3)
  • Corn (2 ears)
  • Purple onion (1)
  • Basil (1 bag)
  • Roasted Chiles (traded for more basil)
  • Pie pumpkin (1)

Careful readers will have noted that we didn’t describe last week’s share, and with good reason; we were on vacation in Asheville, NC. Yes, we had a great time, thanks for asking.

Update October 23. The basil we turned into pesto and had tossed in some pasta. Yum. Two of the eggplant went into a batch of ratatouille — recipe coming soon — which also needed all three bell peppers. The corn, well with these being perhaps the last of the season, we had to have them as Corn on the Cob. And, while we haven’t used it yet, we did roast up the pumpkin, placing the purée into the freezer for a future pie. Why yes, we did roast the seeds for a snack. Who wouldn’t?

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