Fall is Coming!

weekly CSA produce share
It might not seem obvious at first, but this shows fall is on its way.

For us, the thing that shows we’re transitioning to fall crops is the presence of the spaghetti squash. Sure, you might have seen spaghetti squash in the store earlier in the year, but they’re great keepers, so they could be from last winter’s crop. But, in general, squash with that tough outer skin is a winter squash, one that’s normally ripe in the fall. All told, this week we received:

  • Fresh corn (8 ears — double share)
  • Golden Onions (2)
  • Red LaSoda potatoes (5)
  • Spaghetti squash (1)
  • Summer squash (4)
  • Lemon Cucumbers (3)
  • Bell peppers (4)

We’ve already eaten a couple of ears of corn, just as corn on the cob, which we think is one of the best ways to eat corn, plus we’ve used a bell pepper in a quick batch of tomato sauce to go along with some scratched gnocchi. Everything else is still in limbo.

Update October 7: The remaining bell peppers we just had cut into strips for little sides or on a sandwich. Cucumbers, the same thing happened to them. Several of the small squash ended up in the leftover tomato sauce (along with a grated carrot) to have over the spaghetti sauce. That’s the great thing about tomato sauce, infinitely expandable with the judicious addition of a few items. For the corn, six ears were just corn on the cob, but the remaining two ended up in a new dish: Polenta Corn Cakes with a Mushroom Sauce. That recipe to be posted later this month. It’s killer.

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