Individual Apple, Cheddar, and Thyme Galettes

All ready for a picnic!

We thought that we’d take a quick break from all those cracker and dip recipes that we’ve run over the last few days. We still have a few more, but it’s hard to make a good dinner from crackers and dips, isn’t it? So, let’s see about a dinner that looks pretty darn fancy, tastes even better, but is very little trouble to scratch up!

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Spicy Red Lentil Dip

A while back, we made harissa, a North African condiment, and, in that post, we mentioned that we needed it for a dip that we’d be making soon. This is that dip. As with the Rosemary Cannellini Bean dip from two days ago, we picked this dip for the church social hour because it would be a bit different. After all, red lentils alone should make for an interesting-looking, if not tasting, dip.

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Corn Bread Crisps

cornbread crackers
Cornbread in a cracker!

We’ll come right out say it up front. Of the crackers that we tried from Ivy Manning’s Crackers & Dips: More than 50 Handmade Snacks, we thought that these were the best. There, we said it. Now, let’s get scratchin’ so you can try them, too, and see if you agree.

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Rosemary Cannellini Dip

bean dip
Dig in!

On Tuesday, we made up the first of our crackers, and today, we’ll make up a dip as part of our contribution to chip-and-dip season. This Rosemary Cannellini Dip also comes from Crackers & Dips: More than 50 Handmade Snacks, by Ivy Manning, and, since it starts with dried beans, it’s perfect for scratchers like us.

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Cukes & Corn

weekly CSA produce share
It’s always fun when we head down to the CSA to pick up our produce: we never know what might show up!

This week, it was a pretty good mix of vegetables (and a few nuts, too). All told, we picked up:

  • Fresh pistachios (1 basket)
  • Basil (1 bag)
  • Bell peppers (4)
  • Purple onion (1 large)
  • Corn (4 ears)
  • Cucumbers (4)
  • Sweet potatoes (3)
  • Summer squash (5)

We already have plans for some of these. For example, the basil and pistachios are going into a batch of pesto; we just have to pick up some Parmesan cheese this week when shopping. At least three of the cucumbers are going into a batch of Quick and Easy Dill Pickles, which, depending on how they turn out, might show up as a post. Everything else is up in the air. Any suggestions?

Update October 2. We ended up just eating the pistachios after we roasted them. Yes, we know we said we’d make pesto, but it didn’t happen, at least not with the pistachios. We did use the basil for pesto, just made it with walnuts, instead. Some of the cucumbers did end up as Easy Dill Pickles, so expect that recipe soon. One day for lunch, we had what we call sweet potato disks — basically, we peel the sweet potatoes, cut them into rounds about 1/4-inch thick, and pan-fry them until blackened and crispy. It’s probably our best way to get sweet potatoes on the table in a hurry. We ate the corn, just plain, as corn on the cob, and, for the summer squash, we tried out Belle’s Squash Casserole (coming soon to a post near you).

Swedish Caraway Rye Crisps

Perfectly done and crispy!

Faithful readers, you may not know it yet, but this is the start of chip-and-dip season. So, for the next half-a-dozen or so posts, we’ll be putting up recipes for either a chip, cracker, or dip, for you to peruse and even make up yourself, if you’re so inclined. We’ll start off the season with these little Swedish Caraway Rye Crisps, which sound like the perfect accompaniment for a bit of cheese.

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Leftover Lasagna Squares

leftover lasagna
What a great way to use leftovers!

No, not made from leftover lasagna, but lasagna squares made from leftovers! Continue reading Leftover Lasagna Squares

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