What’s this Week’s Produce?

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Last week of artichokes for the season!

According to our weekly produce listing, this is the last week that we’ll get artichokes. Which works out well, since we’ve had them for several weeks running. Also, it’s not too surprising, as we are starting to move into summer. As you have no doubt noticed, over the last couple of weeks we’ve started to get summer squash and a few other traditional summer produce items. If you eat seasonally, you start to see what goes in and out of season and you find that about the time you get tired of a particular vegetable, it’s gone until next year. By then, you’ll be craving it once again.

So, for this week’s produce:

  • Swiss Chard (1 bunch)
  • Summer Squash (1 — they’re getting bigger)
  • Armenian Cucumber (1)
  • Grapefruit (2)
  • Summer Squash Blossoms (traded for 2 more grapefruit)
  • Artichokes (3)
  • Red LaSoda potatoes (6)
  • Yellow onions (2)
  • Fresh goat cheese (1 log)

So, what’s an Armenian cucumber? It’s over there on the far left of the picture, and we think it is really a type of melon, not a cucumber. However, it does taste like cucumber and grows very well in desert climes, so we often get them during the summer. They are nice and crisp (although they can seem soft) and refreshing. We’ll probably have a salad made from just cucumber and basil several times this week.

Update May 28: Grapefruit were eaten as grapefruit, just peel and eat. Super juicy and sweet, can’t think of a better way to have them. The chard and artichokes we had steamed for lunch one day. Nothing super interesting. The Armenian cucumber did make a salad and sliced as a crunchy side. Onions go in everything including a batch of Mushroom Risotto that we had for Sunday dinner. And some potatoes made it into Rosemary and Sage Oven Fries that we had for lunch while making bread.

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