Weekly Produce

weekly CSA share
This week our share includes artichokes, beans, carrots, and more.

This week our share included:

  • Artichokes (3)
  • Beets (1 bunch)
  • Purple Top Turnips (1 bunch)
  • Carrots (3 LARGE)
  • Rosemary (1 bunch)
  • Mayacoba Beans (1 bag)
  • Red Russian Kale (1 bunch)
  • Quelites (1 bunch)

And what, pray tell, are quelites you ask. Quelites, often translated as wild spinach, refers to any of several wild edible greens; this weeks quelites we amaranth greens. We know, for some people, that doesn’t help either, so just think of them as greens that grow like weeds (most US farmers consider them weeds and eradicate them, our farmer harvests them and sends them in our share). We find amaranth greens to taste pretty bland so we traded them for more carrots.

We’ve already eaten the artichokes, steamed with celery seed, lemon, onion, and dill. Some of the rosemary went into a batch of Rosemary-Sage Oven Fries, most rosemary that remains is sitting in a glass of water in the hopes that at least one sprig will grow roots, so we can grow our own rosemary. Everything else, well, we’ll see.

Update May 1: The beets we had as a side. Simply boil, remove skins, and quarter. Yum. Some of the carrots went into a Carrot Cake Conserve and Polish Carrot Salad. Turnips are still a problem, we had one mixed in with hash browns and one in a batch of Corn Chowder. We find that a little bit of turnip can be added to potatoes and it is difficult to tell that they are in there. The beans and the kale are still awaiting a use.

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