Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner
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We recently got back from a short trip to see family — we had a great time, thanks for asking — and so we’re running behind on testing recipes for inclusion here. Not to worry, we have a few coming up, and, by the time we write up those, we’ll have more that we’ve completed.

In preparation, we’re thinking about Sunday dinner. Today, we put together some Cranberry Walnut bread, so we’ll freeze that and take it out for Sunday, but, other than that, we’ve only settled on:

  • Pasta Primavera with fresh Egg-less Linguine
  • Cranberry Walnut Bread
  • Chocolate Pudding

Update 18 March: The Primavera turned out wonderful, so you’ll want to watch for that recipe coming up later in the week. For the pasta, we had to go egg-less pasta, because we didn’t have any eggs in the house, so if you don’t want eggs in your pasta you’ll learn how tomorrow. And since it is difficult to make dessert without a single egg, we went with a quick batch of chocolate pudding; it’s 15 minutes of work and super chocolatey, what’s not to like? And the Cranberry Walnut bread was just some we had from this week’s bread baking, so it was just thaw and slice.

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