CSA Produce

CSA produce
A nice batch of fresh produce, each and every week, thanks to the farm crew and everyone at the CSA.

We are starting to see a transition in our CSA shares away from the cooler weather crops of mostly greens, to those that are more commonly associated with spring, such as dill. This transition is gradual, and, over the next couple of months, we’ll see a drop-off in the amount of greens we get; just watch.

So, this week we received as part of our bounty:

  • Red Potatoes (7), although we traded the quelites for 7 more
  • Spinach (1 bag)
  • Curly Mustard (1 bunch)
  • Oranges (3)
  • Dill (1 bunch)
  • Hakurei Turnips (1 bunch)
  • Red Russian Kale (1 bunch)

You’ll note that we also have some fennel, which came from the surplus basket, and some grapefruit, which came from a harvesting network.

Some of the potatoes went directly into a batch of Potatoes Gratin that we made last night. Yum. The rest? Well, stay tuned.

Update April 3rd. The oranges we ate, just as oranges, although one did end up in a fruit salad. The Red Russian Kale and the Curly mustard ended up in a batch of Greens Latkes. We find that Greens Latkes are the best way to eat large quantities of nutritious greens without being overwhelmed. The spinach we had steamed up as a side. The Hakurei turnips, being so small and sweet, we decided to quarter and sauté them in a butter wine sauce, greens intact. Yum.

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