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No picture today, sorry! We had put away all the produce before we remembered to take a photo. We thought about taking it all back out, and, as they say it’s the thought that counts.

So this weeks produce haul:

  • Tangelos (4)
  • Yellow onions (3)
  • Lemons (3)
  • Arugula (1 bunch)
  • Dill (1 bunch)
  • Collard greens (1 bunch)
  • Tuscon kale (1 bunch)
  • Hakurei Turnips (1 bunch)

We also got a bunch of mustard greens, but thanks to the magic of the trading baskets, we upped the number of tangelos to eight, and decreased the amount of mustard greens to zero. Immediately we started up a batch of slow-cooked greens using the collards. Mmm, mmm. Nothing like a mess of collards to go with dinner. We’ll eat the tangelos one by one, as it is nice to get fresh citrus this time of year. Everything else will have to wait.

Update January 24: The arugula went into a nice batch of pesto (recipe available soon), the dill went into dill-dinner rolls and dill-Parmesan focaccia as part of the weekly bread baking.

Update January 27: We used the arugula pesto for a pesto-cream sauce over gnocchi. It was a bit on the bitter side, so we’ll wait until we have basil pesto to write that one up (the gnocchi recipe is coming, though). For the turnips, we made a quick stir fry of turnips and greens, mushrooms, and carrots that turned out nicely. Some of the kale went into a Tuscan Bean soup (great!) which you’ll see in the coming days. And that pretty much covers everything.

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