CSA Produce

Lots of fresh naturally-grown produce. Yay!
Lots of fresh, naturally grown, produce. Yay!

The CSA has started back up from the two-week holiday hiatus, and we got some great produce in store for the coming week:

  • fennel (3 small heads)
  • tangeloes (3)
  • collard greens (bunch)
  • rapini (bunch)
  • kale (bunch)
  • spaghetti squash (1)
  • french breakfast radishes (bunch)
  • Hakurei turnips (bunch)
  • Beets (6 from the surplus basket)

We already know what we plan for a few of these. The beets go into our favorite beet dish, collards are perfect for slow-cooked greens, and the fennel is perfect for fennel gratin (we will post the recipe, soon).

Fennel is one of those items that we used to dread getting in our CSA shares. Our farmer grows it to attract beneficial bugs, but we couldn’t find a use for it; the flavor was just too strong. Then we found a recipe for fennel gratin, which is easily the best way to have fennel, and now we look forward to bundles of fennel.

So, let’s see how we use all this produce.

Update 10 January: We made greens latkes with the turnip and radish greens. A small batch of Fennel Gratin made for a nice appetizer, and we ate the radishes. We like to clean them and place them in a glass of water in the fridge, that way when one of wants a radish, we can just reach in and grab one.

Update 15 January: The beets went into a batch of balsamic glazed beets, and the kale made a nice batch of kale chips (yum), tangelos, we just ate ’em, and the collards made a mess o’ slow-cooked greens. One of the turnips went into a frittata, the rapini into a stir-fry, and the spaghetti squash is awaiting its demise.

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