Smoky Veggie Dip

making dip
A smoky take on dips!

Let’s make up quick a dip for New Year’s Eve that we can place on a tray of snacking vegetables. Now, since we’re making it up from scratch, we don’t want to have the same old ranch-style dip that comes in 55 gallon drums — at least we think that’s how it’s sold, based on its ubiquitousness. Or the standard French onion dip that’s been around since the 1970s, if not longer. Instead, let’s scratch up something a little different.

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Grilled-Potato Galette with Rosemary-Chèvre Sauce

galette slice
Smoky and cheesy!

It seems that this year we took a lot longer to plan our Christmas day dinner, and it wasn’t until Monday that we had the menu firmed up. The most difficult course was the main; we didn’t want to buy a lot of things from the store, as we already had staples in the house, and it’s never fun shopping right before Christmas. So, we were tossing around ideas, thinking of what we’d need to pick up, and whether it would be fresh and tasty, when we hit upon the idea of a galette.

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Presidential Mushroom Soup

cream of mushroom soup
Soup for a holiday, or any day!

Yes, really. This is the recipe they’ve used at the White House for state dinners. Now, you can use it at your house for any dinner you choose. Are you thinking that it’ll be a difficult dish? It’ll involve techniques learned in the best cooking schools in France and ingredients flown in fresh from around the globe? After all, they have a staff of chefs standing by 24/7 at the White House. How in the world can we compete with that?

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Grapefruit Sorbet

grapefruit sorbet
Cool and refreshing!

Santa was nice to us this year, giving us the gift of an ice cream maker. And, the most thoughtful part was that Santa put the bowl right into the freezer, so that it would be good to go come Christmas morning. Of course, we put it to the test, making up a small batch of grapefruit sorbet to have with Christmas dinner. Just to clear the palate before we bring out the main.

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Polenta Stacks

polenta stack
Think of it as an upscale corn and bean cake!

One of us thought up the idea for today’s recipe several months ago, and it was percolating away as a real possibility for a nice dinner sometime. The basic idea is to make polenta, use a layer of that as a base, followed up by a layer of beans, and one of cheese. To our minds, it sounded pretty good, plus it might just look nice, too. So, let’s get scratchin’, and make up a few polenta stacks for dinner. Continue reading Polenta Stacks

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas season
Our tree for the Christmas season!

No post today as it’s Christmas; just wishing everyone health and happiness!

Zucchini Bread

zucchini bread
Is it bread? Is it cake?

We didn’t really want to do this post, as everyone has a recipe for zucchini bread that he or she thinks is the best in the world. And, why not? Most zucchini bread is really good. Moist, tender, more of a cake than a bread, what’s not to like? And, with everyone having a favorite, what could we really add to the discussion? So, we didn’t want to post about zucchini bread.

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