Southern Saturday Dinner

Southern Saturday Dinner
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Well, with those Hakurei turnips showing up this week in our CSA share, we thought we’d build a special dinner based solely on turnips as the starting point. On the way home from picking up our share, we were thinking that a great dinner would be something like:

  • Hakurei turnips sautéed in butter
  • Slow cooked turnip greens

Those two items gave us the idea of making something Southern or at least South-Eastern, so we added:

  • Black beans and rice
  • Buttermilk biscuits

And, now for something completely different; dessert

Everything is something we’ve made before, so we’ll have no trouble putting this together. Now it’s off to the pantry to make sure we have everything.

Q: How did it go? A: We left off the biscuits when we realized that we would have more than enough food. While we really like buttermilk biscuits, it would have been overkill for two people. Everything else turned out really well. We used black beans for the beans and rice, which is always good. The turnips were easy-peasy, basically clean and sauté, and slow cooking is the best way to have greens. The tourteau, as always, was wonderful.


Q: Timeline? A: We did the Tourteau in the morning so it could cool to room temp by dinner time. Since the beans cook for a while and aren’t harmed by standing, we started those while the cake was baking, same with soaking, draining, and drying the rice. We finished the beans around 4:30, washed the turnips and put them in a sauté pan with butter and wine, then started the greens. We knew the greens could cook 45 minutes to an hour or more, the beans could just simmer, so any time issues where now driven by the rice (15-20 minutes cooking time) and the turnips (also about 15 minutes). These we just started 20 minutes before we wanted to serve.


Q: Any lessons or things you’d do different? A: Nah, while it may seem surprising, this is a pretty good menu when you’re busy. Nothing is really too needy so you can let things simmer until you are ready. And of course, beans and rice make for a fantastic meal.

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