Pizza Night

Pizza Night
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This Sunday we are going with the one meal that maximizes the tastiness-to-easiness ratio. Yep, pizza. Since we baked bread on Wednesday, we just saved about a pound of bread dough for Sunday. Yep, it’ll keep that long in the fridge. All we’ll do is make some sauce, grate some cheese (we won’t make it this time, but some time we’ll show you how), and slice up toppings. Sunday’s Le Menu:

Originally, we weren’t sure what we’d want for dessert. Pizza is pretty filling, so that meant something light, and what could be a lighter dessert than chocolate mousse? The particular recipe that we use is easy as pie, so you won’t need to fear scratching up this one.

Q: Any issues? A: Nope. The dough was already made from earlier in the week, so we just took that out of the fridge in the morning. We made up the mousse around 3:00pm so it would have time to chill, then quickly did the sauce. Then it was wash and chop the lettuce for salad (it’ll keep in the fridge for several hours). Around 4:30 we stretched the dough and prepped the toppings; immediately after we made up the vinaigrette.  A little after 5, started preheating the oven and baking stone. Around 5:40 we topped the pizza, slide it in the oven and sat done to eat our salads. Around 6, the pizza came out and we had our main. Dessert waited until around 7:30.


Q: Anything different next time. A: Probably try a different sauce recipe. We have yet to find the best.

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