New Year’s Day Dinner

New Year’s Day Dinner
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Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, and, to start the New Year off right, we are planning a traditional dinner that is supposed to bring you luck. It’s already working because we can give you the recipes for everything on the menu (except the dessert — which is a secret), so that you can share in the luck.

So, for dinner on the first, we’ll have

For the Hoppin’ John, we’ll make up the black-eyed peas using the black beans recipe and the rice will be Basmati. A nice simple, but satisfying dinner; we think you’ll agree. And, just so we don’t forget: Happy New Year!

Q: How was it? A: De-lish-ous. Everything came together to make a great New Years’ Day dinner. The Black-eyed peas were perfect, with just that bit of smoky taste, the collards cooked long enough to bring out the flavors, and the cornbread with tiny bits of jalapenos (in some) was just the thing!


Q: How’d it come together? A: With any type of beans start them early, they’ll hold up. So we started the beans in the morning. At the same time, we rinsed, soaked, and dried the rice. Around 4:00 we mixed the dry ingredients for the cornbread and cleaned and sliced the collards. We also started a slow re-heat on the beans. At 5, we started heating the oven, cooking the collards, knowing they could cook awhile, and waited. Around 5:15 we added the liquids to the cornbread and started getting those in the oven (we had two batches of corn sticks) and got the rice going. Rice got turned off around 5:30 — it can sit a bit  – until the last of the cornbread was almost done. Then we started serving, taking out the last of the cornbread, right before serving up the collards. Everything hit the table right around 6, and it made for a great meal. We hope your meal was good, too.

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