Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner
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Since next week is Christmas, we’ll be moving our weekly “fancy” dinner to the 25th. Right now, we only have a few items planned, but they are good ones:

  • Mushroom ravioli
  • Pound Cake
  • Freshly made sourdough walnut bread
  • Side salad

For the ravioli we’ll be making up 100% scratched ricotta cheese for the mushroom filling, so you might want to watch for that (it’s pretty easy and fun). Expect recipes and updates.

Q: Any problems? A: Only the pound cake. It was disappointing and we’ll probably not be using that recipe again. Other than that, the bread was easy, we used the basic bread recipe and add 75 grams of walnuts to one loaf, making sure to knead them in. The salad had a simple raspberry vinaigrette we mixed up minutes before hand, and the ravioli with a variation of hand-crushed marinara was the star of the meal.


Q: Timeline? A: Pound cake keeps very well so we made that the day before, and we knew the marinara was only going to take a few minutes, so we put that off until the raviolis were filled. For the ravioli, we made the pasta dough first thing in the morning, then spent about an hour, from 1 until 2, in the afternoon rolling, filling, and cutting (we had to quick make up another batch of dough) and just left them on a towel to dry a bit. The bit of leftover filling went into the marinara and we simmered that for about an hour starting around 5. Around 5:30 we set the water to boil, and started cooking raviolis in two batches. Everything came together right at 6.


Q: Anything new? What about next time? A: We froze some of the ravioli for later in the month. Just transfer them to a towel covered baking sheet, freeze for 20 minutes, then move them into a freezer bag. Only thing different will be going back to the Joy of Cooking recipe for pound cake.

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