Upcoming Dinner

Upcoming Dinner
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The completed dinner
A nice light dinner. Frittata for a main, pear, walnut, and Gorgonzola salad with raspberry poppy seed dressing, and fresh homemade bread. All scratched.

We’re planning our next scratched dinner and it’ll be a good one. Right now, we’re thinking that Sunday’s dinner will look something like this:

Since we’ll be baking bread on Sunday morning (we bake once a week; eventually we’ll put the bread instructions up, but they’re rather long) and plan on a more elaborate dessert, we decided to go with a lighter, easier main. A frittata fits the bill. Easy to put together with whatever you have on hand, they are a perfect for meals where another dish will take center stage. In this case, it’ll be the peanut butter cheese cake, front and center.

We have wanted to make a peanut butter cheesecake ever since we had a slice at Cup Cafe. Super rich from the peanut butter/cream cheese mousse topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache, yet light enough that you don’t feel overly full afterwards, it is a nearly perfect dessert. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a recipe until now, thanks to Dorie Greenspan. She has some of the best-looking deserts around, and her cookbooks are written in a style that makes you think, “I could make that!” We highly recommend that you check out a copy of any her books from your local library, or check out her website.

So make sure you watch over the next week, and together we’ll be scratchin’ up another great Sunday dinner

Q: How did it turn out? A: It was a good choice for dinner. We knew we’d be baking that day (3 loaves of bread and homemade granola) so we went with something simple and light. Since we were making bread anyway, that would be included, and the great thing about making a frittata is you can use pretty much anything you have available and it takes all of 30 minutes to put together. Then all we needed was a salad, so we thought we’d go with something that sounded upscale.


Q: Anything you’d do differently? A: For the two of us, we’d probably cut the peanut butter cheesecake recipe in half. Also, on the frittata we used Havarti cheese with dill (we had it on hand); it would have been better with a sharp cheddar.


Q: Timeline? A: We knew the cheesecake would take a while so we started that Saturday evening and applied the ganache Sunday morning. With the bread, we bake once a week anyway, and for that we make the dough one day, and bake the next. We started the salad and frittata about 45 minutes before dinner time.

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