Saturday Dinner

Saturday Dinner
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Hmm. We have a commitment this Sunday afternoon/evening, so once again we have to move our big dinner up a day. But we will provide you with the best chocolate recipe we have in our repertoire: Bittersweet Chocolate Tart. It is a bruiser of a dessert. Once you have it, you’ll remember it for the rest of you life. We do. The rest of the dishes will be a bit more ordinary, to wit:

As of today, a number of things are up in the air — we’ll be using some of our CSA produce — and once they firm up, we’ll be updating this post.

Q: So a number of things changed, why? A: When we baked up the butternut squash for the risotto, it was clear that they would be plenty of food, so we left off the side. We had to change the risotto at the last-minute when we realized that we used up all the sage on Thanksgiving and hadn’t bought more. The salad, we created on spur of the moment. We had some Cuties(tm), and a bit of Gorgonzola left, so those were going in. Then we wanted to play off the citrus, so we thought lime, and the raspberry-lime vinaigrette was born.


Q: Timeline? A: Pretty straightforward since we make risotto often. We made the crust for the tart around 1:00; while it was chilling we cubed and baked the butternut squash around 2:00. While the butternut was baking, we rolled out the tart crust, so it could go in the oven after the butternut came out. Around 3:oo we made the tart filling, and popped it in the fridge to set. We put the salad put together and set in the refrigerator around 4:00 along with the measured-out ingredients for the vinaigrette.  Then we started with the Mise en Place for the risotto, grating the Parmesan, heating broth, finely dicing onions, etc., so we could start cooking around 5:00 for a 6:00 dinner. Dinner rolls, of course, we had frozen from baking day, so those are a no-brainer.


Q: Anything different for next time? A: Put sage on the grocery list immediately after using the last of it.

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