Indian Dinner

Indian Dinner
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We happen to love Indian food, and while we can’t make it as well as some of the better Indian restaurants around town, we do manage to make up a pretty good dinner. We’ll be honest, it is always missing a certain something, possibly not quite getting the cooking style right, or missing some ingredient(s) that give a certain depth of flavor. Try our recipes and you’ll see for yourself. They are really good, but I’m sure true Indian cooks might be a bit disappointed.

And if you know how to make them better, feel free to let us know.

So for dinner, we propose:

Okay, that last item doesn’t sound too Indian, but who cares? But we can tell you that each of these is made by scratchin’ it.

Q: So how was it? A: Really good. The pudding was much better than we were expecting, and the only downside was that the naan wasn’t quite thin enough.


Q: Timeline? A: Started the rice around 2:30, since it had to soak and dry. Once the rice was soaking, quickly whipped up the pudding and transferred to small bowls to cool in the fridge, and took out the Naan to start warming. Once the mushrooms go in the Khumbi Mattar, it’s time to start heating the griddle for naan, and start cooking the rice. Fifteen minutes later, it’s dinner time.


Q: Anything different next time? A: Other than making  the naan a bit thinner, no changes. This is one of our favorite Indian dinners, so we make it moderately often.



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