From the CSA

Our weekly share.

The fresh-from-the-farm produce this week consisted of:

  • Pickling cucumbers (2)
  • Eight-ball squash (2)
  • Bok Choy (1) but we traded roasted chili peppers for another
  • Tomatoes (4) — three green, but one was beginning to ripen
  • Scarlett turnips with greens (1 bunch)
  • Arugula (1 bunch)
  • Salad mix (1 bag)

The cucumbers are going into super-easy pickles. We used the ripest tomato for last night’s mesquite grilled pizzettas. We just got a recipe for making zucchini relish that we’d like to try, so those eight-ball squashes could have plans. Salad mix and arugula: salads, of course, although we might turn the arugula into pesto. You’ll have to check back during the week to find out.

December 1 update: We cooked up the turnip greens as slow-cooked greens to go along with melted cheese and lettuce sandwiches for lunch yesterday. Also yesterday, we had one-half of the eight-ball squash along with mushrooms and red pepper sautéed in olive oil. One bunch of bok choy went into a quick pasta/greens dish with a sesame-soy sauce and topped with cashews that we had for lunch today. About one-half of the salad mix and arugula have been used in side salads over the last couple of days. That pretty much brings us up to date, for now.

December 4 update: Today we’ll pick up our new batch of CSA produce so we had to update to explain how we used everything from last week (or not). We used the remaining arugula for a small batch of arugula pesto, which we had on sandwiches along with the last of the lettuce. We’ll use the last bit of arugula pesto on grilled pizzettas tomorrow along with the remaining two tomatoes. Today, for lunch we had a frittata using the remaining head of bok choy. That leaves us with a eight-ball squash and two turnips to use sometime next week. We really need to find a way to use large turnips that we like.

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